Welcome to Mojo's Vinyl Bar

Hey, this is cool, but what is this place?

In a world that’s often too fast, too digital, and too disconnected, we invite you to come in, slow down, unplug and remember how to relax, socialize and share. . . and recapture the bliss of enjoying good music with others.

Come enjoy the rich, warm sound of vinyl while relaxing with friends. Feel free to browse our extensive collection of more than 5,000 albums spanning multiple genres, including classic rock, jazz, blues, funk, R&B, pop, country and more. If you find a particular album you want to hear, you can add it to the listening queue.

Or you can bring in your own album. Where else will you be able to hear your album played with the full depth, precision, balance and power of our Klipsch La Scala speakers paired with classic Cornwall IV Floorstanding speakers, spinning on a Rega P6 turntable, sporting an Ortofon 2M blue stylus, all quarterbacked by our state-of-the-art NAD integrated receiver?

Order a drink from our extensive, thoughtfully-curated bar offering a wide range of drink selections, from rare whiskeys and tequilas to your go-to standards and favorites. And while you’re enjoying your drink and the music, feel free to choose one of the many board games that are waiting here for you.

At Mojo’s, we also frequently host live performances, providing a warm and intimate venue for local and visiting artists to share their music, as well as theme nights, dance parties, game nights and other special events that’ll put the social back into your evenings.

At Mojo’s, the atmosphere is as warm as the rich, full sound of the vinyl and the connections are as true as the music rendered through our awesome sound system.

Where did this come from?

We all could use more Joy.

The times and places of our shared experiences have been shrinking for a long time. We have been accelerating along the path of individualized gratification–of getting what each of us wants when we want it the way we want it—and enjoying it alone. This has helped us become satisfied consumers, but lonely people. How often do we see family, friends or partners sitting adjacent to each other but off in completely different worlds, eyes on the screen or ear buds in place, having completely separate and unshared experiences? Welcome to The Age of Our Isolation, and the source of our common loneliness.

The fraying of our social fabric started long before Covid, but Covid certainly accelerated the problem.

Coming out of Covid, Andrew Morrison wanted a place to go, a place to feel better, somewhere that could raise the spirit, a place to reconnect with people, a place that would help create more joy. He couldn’t find that place, and started thinking that maybe he should create one. And maybe there were other people out there who were feeling the same way. As he was imagining such a place, he didn’t know what it would be or how it would look, but he knew how it to feel.

When we were kids, listening to music was a social activity. When we were young, we used to sit on the floor listening to albums with our friends, feeling inspired, joyful and connected by our shared experiences. When we went out, we put coins in the jukebox and listened along with everyone else in the room to the music that was chosen by us all, waiting in anticipation for our selection to come on (and hopeful that others would be glad). Andy decided that albums, played on an awesome sound system, in a relaxed and funky vibe, could be the unifying theme for reconnecting with others, an anolog vehicle for creating connection and new shared experiences in our digital age of isolation.

And so, Mojo’s was born.

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Come on in. Enjoy the Spin. TM

Mojo’s is a place to reclaim our shared experiences–a place for people to remember how to share, how to listen, how to be kind, take turns, pull tables together and make new friends, and push tables to the walls and let a dance-party break out.